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Now it is easy to save money, time and effort on booking your corporate and leisure travel arrangements! Tr-IPS is our new revolutionary travel administration and Internet booking subscription service especially developed for small and medium size enterprises. The Tr-IPS concept is simple - decrease the costs (by 40% or more) and time (75% to 80% less) it takes to plan, approve, book, purchase, track and rebook any trip from anywhere, for your executives and staff.

Tr-IPS is an Extranet-based travel administration application initially configured for governments and corporations that require actively-managed travel policy compliance. Tr-IPS helps organizations to minimize and control their substantial internal travel administration and external travel arrangement costs, improve efficiency and effectiveness of their travel management functions and save substantial resources in the process.

Here are the top benefits of our breakthrough subscription service.

  • Substantial administration savings drive up your profit margins. According to a study published in the CFO Magazine, every $1 saved in admin overhead represents a $10 boost in the market value of your company. In a typical Canadian corporation, cost of backroom travel admin cycle is $48. Tr-IPS can reduce your internal overhead cost to as little as $8. As travel booking rapidly moves to Internet, does it make much sense to conduct travel approval by pushing paper through the system and hampering your valuable staff with non-productive activities?

  • Substantial travel booking savings. According to various industry sources, purchasing online using Tr-IPS subscription service could save you as much as 15 to 30% of the ticket price per every trip. For money strapped corporations, there is no need for large cash outflow to buy the system and no need to invest in costly ongoing improvements.

  • Ease of use. You can use it from anywhere in the World where there is access to the Internet, by utilizing Web browsers your organization already owns. Tr-IPS doesn't require much training or additional software installation on the user's machine.

  • Trustworthy and safe. The tickets are issued only after your responsible managers authorize the trip. Your travel guidelines and approval procedures might be available online to guarantee there are no misunderstandings of organization travel policy.

  • Fully automated. Designed especially for Web in XML and Perl languages and consisting of more than a million lines of code, TR-IPS ensures increased efficiency and security of backroom administration processes. Paperless process of approval and expense reporting can lead to significant corporate administration savings. Using TR-IPS subscription service, there usually is much flexibility in rearranging the trip, often without additional penalty.

  • Air and Travel Point Integrity. Now that the trips are easier to track, so are your air miles and negotiating power, saving even more for your company, large or small.

  • Using Tr-IPS subscription service, there usually is much flexibility in rearranging the trip, often without additional penalty.

There are no large upfront costs when implementing Tr-IPS system. Our usage fees are quite modest. Moreover, our Special Introductory Offer includes no administrative charges for three full months!

Take advantage of our offer, join now, start saving money on your corporate travel arrangements by using Tr-IPS and see the dramatic difference in your bottom line travel costs.

ARRAY Development will also customize Tr-IPS for your organization with individualized setup and your corporate travel policy compliance so you can achieve even more savings and procurement control within your organization.

Tr-IPS provides an open-standard support platform for the transactional delivery of travel-related administrative services, such as trip pre-approval, automatic travel policy compliance verification, trip bookings and multi-currency expense reporting. It moves all travel administration to the corporate intranet/Extranet environment, providing individual access through standard Internet browsers. TR-IPS system streamlines and expedites internal travel authorization, trip booking and claims processes and hence reduces the paper burden.

Tr-IPS provides a drastic reduction in the costs of travel and corporate administrative support, assists in enforcing travel policy and permits better overall management of the backroom administration systems and of relationships with key suppliers of travel services. A critical advantage of Tr-IPS is that it is entirely consistent with the emerging Internet travel, corporate and government information infrastructure and does not require expensive software installations on the user desktop, or even on the departmental network server.

Tr-IPS provides a new level of accountability by automatically ensuring that every step in the employee travel cycle strictly adheres to all the respective corporate travel policies.

ARRAY Development is bringing to this initiative comprehensive complementary expertise essential to develop and maintain transactional delivery of administrative services. ARRAY Development's strengths include its recognized focus on reengineering of novel electronic commerce solutions and its unique insight into government administration and procurement practices and procedures. Together with its strategic partners, it is able to assure long-term reliable, robust and scaleable electronic service delivery solutions.

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